Mara Hodges — Lead Editor

Aside from acting as a Lead Editor at Montag Press, Mara is a manager with the Eden Area Reciprocity Network, and is Five Star Copywriter with Interact Media.  She regularly judges the annual Odyssey of the Mind regional and state tournaments, and is writing a field guide to natural, undeveloped hot springs in the Eastern Sierra region. Past experiences include editing publications for an environmental publishing company and environmental reporting for Green Answers.

Mara  is a patron of all sciences, especially environmental science and psychology. Mara likes encouraging authors to think outside the box and break the mold to produce thought-provoking literature. She loves authors who are brave enough to say what they really think rather than what they have been indoctrinated to think.

Mara is the Project Editor for J.E Gurley’s Oracle of Delphi, Paul Bussard’s Stinger Stars, Trevor Richardson’s Dystopia Boy and Carl Alves’ Reclamation Mother Earth.

Mara can be reached at happy<at>

Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan — Fantasy & Spiritualism Lead Editor

The police in full riot gear stand in blatant intimidation. The San Francisco Streets glimmer in the sun as the vibrant beat of drums fill the air with enchantment. The cry of free people with one voice chanting against war and oppression marvelously proclaims liberty to the captives. I breathe in the aura and am inspired to courageous action. A vigil is set in the middle of a busy street. It does not block traffic but simply reaches out to those passing by with the intimidating message of truth. The ministers of oppression cannot allow such blatant proclamation of truth. To hell with the fact that the protesters are well within their constitutional rights. Inspired, I go to join them. A few minutes after I join the noble vigil, the ministers of oppression come to stop it. Most flee. I have a choice. I choose to stay and soon end up in handcuffs. I enter the cathedral with as much reverence as I can muster. I am appalled by the mobs of tourists who storm in. They snap millions of pictures in two seconds. My camera hands idle but ready at my side. I approach the altar slowly, and carefully. I ask permission of the resident Holy spirits. When my heart confirms their permission I take a few careful pictures. I back away slowly, refreshed and renewed. 

Michael’s passion as an editor is to help writers create influential literature that combines the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Spiritual Development. Previously Michael was the lead editor at Lorber Publications.  He is inspired by Bob Marley, C.S. Lewis., JRR Tolkein, Ron Paul, Abraham Lincoln, and Ghandi. Michael agrees with Emily Dickinson saying: “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.” In his personal life, Michael is the extremely blessed husband of a lovely Filipino wife named Chenkay and father of a three year old daughter named Havilah Zoe.










Nicholas Morine — Editor at Large

Nicholas is a novelist and an experienced content writer in both the web and print. He has served as the Feature Editor for Men’s Fashion with Suite101 Media Group, as well as a freelance editor for Vast Interactive and Demand. He has print articles in circulation with Uomo Moda and London Glossy. Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature and a Master of Philosophy degree in Humanities — both from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Nicholas values writing styles that are conversational, informative, and suggestive in terms of developing a strong narrative presentation to the reader.











Zachary Amendt — Short Story Collection Editor

Zachary Amendt lives in Oakland, CA. His stories have appeared in Underground Voices, Saint Mary’s Magazine, Barely South Review, and anthologies issued by Dzanc Books and Phantom Drift. He is a graduate of City University of New York.

Badger BW

Badger — Book Designer

Badger has been doing book design and layout for over ten years. A longstanding fan of roleplaying games and horror, Badger began working for Chaosium, Inc., publishers of the RPG Call of Cthulhu (based upon the writing of H.P. Lovecraft), and now has more than twenty titles to his credit. One of his most recent works, Cthulhu by Gaslight 3rd edition, won two ENnie awards in 2012. In addition to Chaosium, Badger has done layout and book design for Pagan Publishing, and is on staff at Miskatonic River Press where he’s been project lead, editor, and art director on several book projects.

Badger strives to find a balance between readability and design that’s aesthetically pleasing, and his critical eye is ever scanning for missing commas or horrid uses of “your”. A lifelong geek, Badger still is an avid gamer, and is in the midst of designing his first Lovecraftian-themed card game. He’s also a musician, playing bass for a local alternative metal band called Unbecome.

Somewhere in there, he manages to find time to sleep and eat occasionally.

Badger’s company, Squamous Studios, has a home on the intarwebs.

Charlie Franco — Project Editor & Night Manager

Charlie attended George Brown College in Toronto and he has a graduate degree in Design with a special emphasis in Screenwriting from the UCLA. Charlie has worked as a Production Manager at Bruce Mau Design and as an Art Director at Revolver and Black Walk. Charlie has provided content and story editing for Hollywood movies including Chump Change (2000) (2009.) Charlie provided notes on the long delayed Harper Collins’ project The Girl with the Most Cake (2014) and has completed 3 screenplays. Charlie is the editor of STAY (2014). Currently Charlie Franco is working on 5 children’s books with a major New York illustrator.

At Montag Press, Charlie stays up late into the night managing the demon words and subversive ideas that keep the chauvinists and zealots warm and their book fires stoked. Charlie can be reached at submit<at>


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